Monday, 28 June 2010

'Giirl put your rucksack onnn'

So, it took me 3 weeks, 4 shopping trips and countless cries for help on Twitter, but I finally got there and chose my bag for travelling!

For me this was one of the hardest things because I know I'm going to have to live out of it for 4 months so it has to be perfect (naturally!)

I only wanted to spend £70 max on my bag, so the Berghaus Jalan 55+15 was out of the question sadly.

I ended up getting this (slightly smaller and much cheaper) Eurohike 45+15 travelsack:

I'm still panicking that it's not big enough- look at that tiny thing! Still, I was drawn in by all its crazy functions and how much it expands! I won't go into detail because I sound like a sales person for Millets.
Hey maybe they'll employ me when I get back and I'm a jobless bum. Hmm.

Anyway, it's here if you want some specs:

I'm a rucksack whizz now thanks to @GapYearEscape and @JonChoo on Twitter. Cheers guys, hopefully I've got the right bag now :)


  1. Hey hun-don't wanna throw a spanner in the works, but do you have any outlet villages near you? I have one and they have lots of outdoor shops and the bags are like half the price of high street shops-just a thought :-) XX

  2. That looks like the perfect size. When I went round Europe for a month I used a 55l bag and it was totally enough- and I would have taken the same for 4 months travelling. It would have been far too big and heavy if it was any larger- and you're teeny tiny! x

  3. Hey! Damn I don't have any near me :( But I did find a really good discount code for this one so I only paid about £35 for it in the end- just worrying about size now grr why am I so indecisive! x

  4. Daisy- Woo wicked! Mine feels really heavy already oh dear doesn't bode well! x

  5. Not too late to get the Jalan 55+15 instead. £70 online! :D

  6. The one I took to Glastonbury is a Eurohike one from millets but I'm sure it's bigger, or maybe just longer. I'll have to check, but it was only £24 or something.
    Still, so long as it's not a struggle to fit everything in then you'll be fine!
    Bhav xx

  7. A great book you must read and squeeze into the bag if you can!

    All things travel, from a girls point of view.