Saturday, 26 June 2010


Well, hello again Blogger!

After a short but sweet stint as a fashion and beauty blogger on F.A.B, I've now moved to here to bore inspire you with tales from my four months travelling (see sidebar!)

Of course, as it's my first time on such a big trip and I'm ridin' solo, I'm going to have a lot to babble on about before I go so I want to use this as an outlet to meet other travellers, talk about their experiences, seek advice and just generally try my hand at something I've always wanted to do- travel writing!

I met some really lovely people through the beauty blogging community, and I know there's loads of bored/frustrated travellers out there like me, so I look forward to meeting you all on here, on Twitter (@Little_lost1) and maybe even around the world!

LL x


  1. First! :p

    Have a fun trip! /subscribed

  2. Wooo thanks Jon, welcome! x

  3. I'm gonna live vicariously through you! Hope you have a fantastic trip and I can't wait to read all your stories.

  4. This is so exciting Nic! Can't wait to read all about it! x

  5. Am sad FAB has come to an end but excited for a new start here! x

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments girls :) Much love xxx