Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The List #1

Everybody says travelling is the ultimate experience and I don't doubt that for a minute (hence why I booked my ticket) but it got me thinking, what am I most looking forward to?

Here's a little list I wrote out when I was daydreaming concentrating hard at work...

My 'Must Do' list:

1. Go diving with sharks.

2. Swim in a waterfall. (I say swim, but what I really mean is prance around scantily clad a'la Peter Andre, recreating the wonder that is/was Mysterious Girl)

3. Live with a tribe and do tribal things(?)

4. Learn how to surf. Properly.

5. Ride an elephant

6. Jump out of a plane (ideally with a parachute and/or experienced skydiver in tow)

7. Conquer my fear of heights by fulfilling point 6.

8. Run around in a monsoon

9. Eat kangaroo (just a piece will do me!)

10. Learn Fijian. Seganaleqa, Marau!

There are so many more random things I can't wait to do and some I probably can wait for! I'm open to trying out any new things (within reason) so if anyone has any great suggestions for things they'd love to see me try to do feel free to let me know and I'll add them to my 'Must Do' lists! :)


  1. If you get a chance then go snorkelling, not sure where you're travelling, but the Great Barrier Reef would be the obvious choice.
    If you head up to Cairns in Australia, then go to Green Island there's loads of activities to fill a day with.

  2. Cuddle a tiger (cub)

    Nice pictures :)

  3. haha love the pics Nic!! good luck with learning 3 languages in 4 months! xx

  4. Phoebe- Definitely going to the Great Barrier Reef! I'm spending a month on the East coast of Australia so yes, lots of snorkeling and diving for me :D

    Jon- Added to the list!

    Holly- Thanks for appreciating my amazing Paint skillz! I only intended to learn Fijian, but maybe I will try and learn some basic Thai too.. xx

  5. One second thought, you should cuddle a fully grown tiger as well. Do it at the Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.


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  7. If your going to Thailand then you must add 'drink from a bucket at a Full Moon Party' - its a right of passage. It poured down when I did it so you may be able to combine it with number 8 :)

  8. Nicola you are so funny these pictures made me laugh so much!!! xxx