Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I made it!


After all my emotional goodbyes at the airport, and nightmares when trying to sleep on my first solo long haul flight, I finally made it to Bangkok safe and sound on Sunday afternoon.

It's been a busy few days of meeting lots of different people, surviving on 3 hours sleep and having about 50,000 near death experiences on the tuk tuks in the city.

Bangkok is a crazy place, and I'm happy I got to see it with a lovely German girl and Irish guy I managed to befriend at the airport when we landed. We had fun people watching (counting the amount of ladyboys) and bartering on all the market stalls.

After only a day and a half in the city, I met up with my tour group for our 10 day Roam Cambodia trip with GAP Adventures.

So far we've spent lots of time either on buses or out sampling the local beers. Still no time for sleep!

We're off to see the Angkor Wat temple tomorrow morning at 5am(!!!) So right now I should be sleeping, but I'm too excited from our amazing evening we spent walking round a Cambodian village and eating with an amazing family there. They cooked us the biggest meal ever and introduced us to all their cute kids who were very fascinated by us 'tourists' (cringe!)

I have so many photos to put up, including evidence of me eating crickets (mmm :|) and all the great people I've met so far, but I think that will be next weeks activity as I've spent too long on line already I think!

Love to all the family and friends back home :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Are you going back towards Bangkok?

    If you do you have to visit kanchanaburi - i guarantee you will love it.

    Stay at the Jolly Frog.

  2. Can't wait to read about your adventures, hopefully i'll get to do something similar when i'm done at uni!

  3. Oh Nic sounds amazing- I'm so glad you're having fun, can't wait to hear more and see pics! Love and miss you loads x x x x

  4. So glad to *read* you got there safe and sound and that you're enjoying yourself already! You're going to have an AMAZING time-not jealous at all lol!

    Can't wait to read more updates!

    Take care x x x

  5. Awh yay great to see you're having a blast! xx