Monday, 9 August 2010

Introducing... My new love

I borrowed this picture from here because I was too lazy to take my own. Thanks engadget.

Isn't he a beaut?

It's my new Nokia Booklet 3G! The kind folks at WOM World Nokia lent it to me because they had heard all about my trip and they knew this would be perfect for me.

They weren't wrong. Me an the Booklet have been joint at the hip since last week and so far I can't fault it, it's so light and compact it will be great for carrying round in my daypack. Plus the battery life is something crazy like 12 hours which, for lazy folk like me, is very convenient when you don't have to get up and put it on charge every couple of hours!

Oh, and it's a rather attractive piece of technology too, so I'm enjoying feeling rather swish pulling it out my bag and typing away whenever and wherever I want.

Also the 3G and WiFi connectivity will definitely benefit me when I'm off in random Vietnamese cafes and wanting to get on Skype to talk to the besties (and the mother).

Hopefully this means I can blog a lot while I'm away and update all my millions of photos when I take them. Hurrah!

Do you take a laptop or notebook away travelling with you or do you prefer to escape from technology altogether? Let me know if you have any tips on staying safe and blogging while away!


  1. None geeky comment incoming.

    Glad you've something to keep in touch with all your friends and family in Britain. :)

  2. I'm super jealous! Once me and Andrew go our seperate ways I have no laptop, no computer, no nothing so blogging is going to be super hard :'(

    Lucky lady!xxx

  3. Hey Victoria,

    We run a trial device loan programme so we might just be able to help you out there!

    You can find us at just visit there and hit the 'trial a Nokia' tab if that sounds good...

    Nicola - great piece :)


    Chris @WOMWorldNokia

  4. yes! i love it :)