Monday, 4 October 2010

The end of my Asian adventures

So here I am in Bangkok, in a 200THB a night hostel, at the end of a truly amazing 7 weeks in South-east Asia.

I haven't blogged much because I've been so busy rushing my way around trying to follow my itinerary which, on reflection, is nowhere near enough time to experience all of what I wanted to.

From eating bugs and visiting temples in Cambodia, to cruising through Vietnam and making great friends, to partying and tubing in Laos, trekking and exploring Northern Thailand and chilling out on the beaches down South, every day has been a new adventure and I have loved every second of it!

All my initial fears of missing home and being alone completely went out of the window when I started hitting the hostels and meeting some awesome people. I knew I would meet people around, but I had no idea I would make such great friends and even be lucky enough to travel round with some of them for over 2 weeks!

People always ask when you meet them, what have been your highlights so far? I find it the hardest question because (especially coming from boring England) everything I've seen and done has been so new and exciting that I can't imagine ever going back and getting on with my normal life! Still, if I had to choose I would say my top few (and it's mainly because of the people!) would have to be:

1.) Eating dinner with a local Cambodian family at their village with my tour group in my first week

2.) Taking the Hanoi Backpackers Ha Long Bay tour for 3 days and 2 nights. One night we slept on a big boat all together, the next day chilled on our own private island and Kayaked all around Ha Long Bay then camped on the island in our little huts by the sea :)

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

3.) Jungle trekking and Elephant riding in Chiang Mai. I also finally got to prance around in my first (decent) waterfall there so I was very happy!

My friend Tim and I with our Elephant, Champu!

Tim, Adam and me in the coldest waterfall of all time

4.) Snorkeling in Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Firstly, I have never been to a decent beach in my life, nor have I ever really seen much fish when snorkelling, so when I got to the Thai Islands I was so fascinated to see the water as clear as a swimming pool and huge tropical fish casually swimming around my feet!
I loved it so much I ended up spending over a week between both the islands. It was great to finally chill out and not be rushing somewhere, but it was also so much fun because I checked myself into Koh Tao backpackers hostel and instantly fell in love with everybody in the dorm! We had a great group of 8 of us, Dutch, German, Italian, French and English and we had a hilarious few days chilling and partying in the 'dorm of love'! *Pictures to follow*

There are so many best bits it's impossible to narrow them down! I will be very sad to leave Asia, but I am also massively excited for Australia and all that will come with it. So for now it is Good Bye Bangkok, and Hello flight to Sydney tomorrow!


  1. Wow it honestly sounds so amazing with such great memories to hold on to. It is a shame England doesnt have anything to offer of this scale but at least you've experienced it and you can always do Asia again young one!! Chris x

  2. It all sounds so amazing- truly an unforgettable experience, have you got a tattoo yet? lol, yes every day life will seem very boring I suppose after all these adventures- I am very aware that I have to go travelling now! I cant wait to hear literally everything when you get back, love you x x x x x x

  3. Sounds great!! That's so cool that you've met people of so many different nationalities! Hope you enjoy Australia and stay safe! :) x

  4. Again, so jealous that you're doing this. The snorkelling sounds amazing, if you get the chance to travel up to Cairns in Oz, then do Green Island for loads of sea activities.