Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Three Weeks on the East Coast

I know I'm a terrible blogger and it's been over 3 weeks, but it's been an interesting 28 days or so since I last posted. I've been keeping a separate diary every one or two days so I won't ever forget any of the fun things I've been doing.

I didn't feel too much like writing at the beginning because -I'm ashamed to say- I wasn't too impressed with Australia. I had just left a really great group of friends in beautiful, sunny Thailand in exchange for rainy and outrageously expensive Sydney. It took a few days for this to sink in and for my tiredness to subside, then I was able to start enjoying myself and exploring the city which, as much as I hate to admit it, just felt like London.

I knew I only had one month to travel up the East Coast before heading to New Zealand, so without wasting any time (or money) I decided to start on my Oz Experience bus tour up to Cairns. My main stop offs were Spot X- Surf camp, Byron Bay, Surfers' Paradise, Brisbane, Rainbow Beach, Town of 1770/ Agnes Water, Airlie Beach, Townsville and Cairns.

The first week of my trip was a bit of a wash-out for me. Literally. It poured down with rain and was freezing cold all the way up until Rainbow Beach. Although I tried not to let it dampen my spirits (sorry!) it was difficult because it spoilt a fair few surfing and sunbathing opportunities- and it meant I rushed my way up quicker desperately seeking the sun. Still, I did my best to learn to surf (and drink lots of goon) in Spot X and I was hooked from then on!

Things started looking up when I hitched a ride to Brisbane for one night with three kind fellows from outside my hostel. The Oz Experience bus only departs on certain days (very annoying) but I fancied a little road trip so it worked out perfectly. Thanks lads!

Harry, Jimmy and Darcy.

From then on the sun was shining and Australia was finally delivering like I wanted it to.
My best experiences were to follow, what with meeting my lovely friend Esther, camping on Fraser Island, and meeting two people from Tasmania who would proceed to have quite an impact on my next few weeks (even months) of travelling. More about that later!

Fraser Island is a beautiful sand island with loads of fresh water lakes, rivers and sand dunes. For three days I joined a 'family' of seven others to camp, drive, drink and explore on the island. Pure bliss!

My other favourite experience has to be spending a night on a ranch in 1770, rural Queensland. I never had myself down as much as a cowgirl (!) but I instantly fell in love with the way of life at Kroombit cattle station. We got to muster up goats on horseback, catch and brand goats, shoot clay pigeons, crack whips, lasso and, like all good cowboys, eat a LOT of beef.

Next I spent a few days relaxing on Airlie Beach and Magnetic Island deciding what my next move would be. As I mentioned earlier, just before Fraser Island I met The Tasmanians, two incredibly talented musicians who Esther and I had the pleasure of jamming with one evening.
The outcome of this however, is that I've fallen in love with the music and I'm now joining them for some of their Tasmanian tour next month to sing a few songs with them. It's fair to say that Australia is definitely getting better as the days go on!

Check out the Adam Cousens band here: www.myspace.com/adamcousens to hear some great songs and see tour dates! :)


  1. Love Cairns and Queensland beautiful, shame about the weather shoud be summer there!!
    Glad your well enjoying reading about your explorations xxx

  2. So proud to be one of the people in the great Thailand group :) Sorry for breaking your heart heart with the bus ride, hope you have recovered ;)

  3. So happy to see you having a wonderful time! Have fun in Melbourne or wherever you are now.