Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Auckland to Queenstown (And back to Auckland again!)

Well, everybody who said I couldn't do New Zealand in two weeks, thankfully you were wrong!

In just 15 days I've covered Auckland through to Christchurch on the Kiwi Experience bus, and back up to Auckland again in time for my flight to Fiji. *cue excited squeels*

I've had a brilliant time here and although I've spent no more than one or two nights in each place I've still managed to see and do everything I've wanted to which I am very happy about.

New Zealand is a really beautiful place, particularly the South island- which I preferred- with all its beautiful glaciers, lakes and parks. Quite similar to Tasmania in some places so obviously it was a winner for me!

Every view is a perfect post-card shot!

My highlights have been reuniting up with a friend in Auckland (who I'd met previously in Australia) and catching up over dinner and drinks at an open mic night in town. We even got up and had a little sing on stage with the local musicians which I thought was a great way to start my trip!

On the adrenalin front (as that's what we're all here for), there's been 'luging' down a mountain in Rotarua which was hilarious...

Waiting in the wings wearing my lovely and undeniably safe kids helmet...

You take a cable car up to the top, then race down a track in what is essentially a sledge for tarmac at about 40kmh. Great fun!

Then of course the skydive, which you can read all about here.

I also had the chance to climb the Franz Joseph Glacier which was an amazing (and grueling) experience. We hiked for eight hours on the rocks and on the ice and had so much fun climing the steep ice in our crampons and fetching hiking attire. Again the views were incredible and we couldn't resist stopping every now and then for a quick tourist photo moment.

National Geographic, eat your heart out.

And finally, one more thing New Zealand is undoubtedly great for... the partying!

Our Kiwi Bus at the Poo Pub in varying degrees of fancy dress.

It's been a jam packed two weeks and I will be sad to leave New Zealand, but I'm definitely ready now for some chilling and coconut drinking in the paradise that is Fiji! :D


  1. Jealous,would love to go to NZ. I'm glad you're having an incredible time! Much love xxxx


  2. Looking hot in your hiking gear! I'm glad you've had such a great time in new Zealand bet you def glad you went- even if just for two weeks, looks amazing! Have a wonderful time in Fiji and I can't wait to see you, lots of love x x x x

  3. Love reading about your travels- you're doing so many amazing things! Enjoy Fiji! xx