Sunday, 19 December 2010

One week later...

I've been home for a week now and I think (or I hope) I'm finally over the jet-lag of doom, so I'd like to say just a few more things...

Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to a lot of important people.

Every single person I've met over the past four months has contributed to making this the best experience I could ever have hoped for.

All the brilliant friends I've made along the way who have entertained, supported, educated and influenced me. All the kind strangers who were there to help me when friends and family were unable to, without even realising it. All the musicians (one in particular) who have inspired me to pick up music again after so long.

Thank you to my family and closest friends at home for encouraging and supporting all my decisions, no matter how ridiculous they may seem at the time. And for everybody who's been reading this blog and sending me kind messages. Thank you!

And finally, although it may be the end of this trip and this year- I definitely don't see it as the the end. In fact, now that I've had a chance to see what's out there I can't wait to escape cold London and get exploring again!

Expect big plans in the new year :) x

Sunday, 12 December 2010


16 weeks,
11 flights,
8 countries,
6 different time zones,
hundreds of unforgettable experiences,
one ridiculously long haul flight.


Friday, 10 December 2010

Paradise on the Yasawas, Fiji

Bula! From Fiji.

I've been struggling to find the right way to describe the Yasawa Islands in Fiji. The only two words that can possibly do it justice are 'Paradise' and 'Perfect'.
In fact, describing it isn't enough, you need photographic evidence to see the full extent of this place's beauty...

Nacula island. The day I arrived :)

After climbing one of the highest mountains on the Yasawas. In flip flops!

I was more excited than ever when I arrived here, firstly because it is the final leg of my trip (and one I'd been most looking forward to) but also because I was delayed by a full 24 hours in rainy Auckland and I was more than ready to get back in the hot sun again.

My days in Fiji have been spent relaxing in the sun, snorkeling through amazing reefs, visiting the villages, and (over) indulging in more delicious food that I ever thought possible.

Evenings here on the islands are relatively relaxed and it's been a great way to unwind after months of partying and late nights. Every night after yet more food there's always a chance to drink the local 'Kava' a murky brown liquid made up from grounded pepper tree roots mixed with water, and enjoy traditional songs while watching the sunset.

FijEnglish. Watch out for us on next years X factor...

The only negative thing about Fiji is that it's so far from home that I fear I'll never be able to return again!

I'm certainly dreading the 25 hour journey back to Heathrow that awaits me. Although I am incredibly sad that I have to leave paradise and finish this amazing journey, the thought of being reunited with friends and family on the other side is filling me with excitement and the butterflies have started already.

Next time I write I will be in England, AGGGHHH!!!