Friday, 14 January 2011

The 5 People You Meet in Hostels

Ever read the book The 5 People You Meet in Heaven?

Well, if not I suggest you read it. Right now.

If you have, then you’ll know where I cunningly took my inspiration from for this post.

One of the best and most exciting things about travelling is all the interesting (and sometimes not so interesting) people you’ll meet along the way. And, after comparing notes with a few of my fellow travel savvy chums, we’ve noticed quite a few themes emerging around the certain types of people we’ve met.

Of course, there’s bound to be a few more than just these guys, but guaranteed you have or will meet one of these, the 5 people you meet in hostels...

1.) The know it all’s

When they’re not amusing themselves in museums, galleries and libraries, know it all’s are often found in hostel kitchens hovering over some poor unsuspecting person trying to cook their pasta and sauce.
Typical conversations are as follows:
“Oooh that looks nice. What are you having with that? Just pasta? Oh no you can’t do that. Have you tried adding spinach? Oh yes spinach is great. Did you know spinach is a great source of vitamins? Because, you know you need to look after yourself when you’re travelling don’t you? Have you tried these?”
….Victim boils head

2.) The Gap Yahs. Let’s all have some BANTER!

There are a lot of these guys. We’re almost all a bit guilty of it it has to be said. We’re all looking for that uhmazing experience. Especially when we’re out on the lash… withdrawing lash from the lash machine…chundering everywhaar. Etc.

3.) The cling ons.

Sod’s law isn’t it. The people you can’t wait to get rid of always happen to be the ones you never escape from.
Common traits include: Constant question asking, inability to do anything on their own and utter stupidity.
Get out when you notice you’re losing friends rapidly.

4.) The crazies

Unfortunately for me I happen to attract these people. Sometimes it can be interesting hearing about how they escaped prison by running away to Borneo, or how their mum is actually their dad, and how they’re now suffering from an identity crisis. Sure, indulge them, it’s all fun. Then again, if you wake up and find them standing over you looking shifty and breathing heavily… run.

5) The people that will change you

Ah a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, someone truly fascinating that you meet and you know upon meeting them you'll always feel slightly different after having that conversation. Usually at 3am. Often drunk. Still, those people will stay with you for ever and make the whole experience even more worthwhile.
I was lucky enough to meet four of these great people.

Hopefully I'll tell you about them all sometime :)

What do you think? Have you met any other types of people we've missed out?


  1. Nice work here Nics, I enjoyed this. Hopefully I will meet more of the #5's than the #3's. Unless I am one of the #3's, in which case I've got bigger problems to worry about..

  2. It's so great all the people you meet while out and about. I have a feeling I'll be one of the Gap Yuhs.
    But I reckon meeting people like #5 would seriously be amazing.

  3. You missed out No.6, the crazy old people who stay in hostels. Who are like way past retirement and have been travelling "all their life". The ones who think you look like their grand daughter or grandson, and that you remind them of themselves at that age. The ones who always have a private room, but sometimes they like to mix it up and stay in a dorm just to annoy you. The ones who say you should have fun when your young, yet the first ones to make a complaint about the noise you are making! Did you not meet any of these people? I sure did lol!

    Matt Stean

  4. Sherin- Haha don't worry you won't be a gap yahhh, unless you like drinking 'yards of ale' and have no appreciation for any other cultures except drink! x

    Matt Stean- How could I forget about the oldies!!! Ah there were so many, even on my Oz/Kiwi experience bus we couldn't escape them! I may need to add a whole other category for them, thanks for reminding me!

  5. What about the cup cake makers?? I had this one girl stay in my hostel for three years circa 2010-ongoing and she made cupcakes tri-daily.

    Beautiful girl!

  6. Anonymous- That never happened to me sadly, I was always the one making the cupcakes! Wait... was it me!?

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