Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A tourist in my own country

I read somewhere that 'A wise traveller never despises his own country'.

If this is the case then I was a terrible traveller went I went on my round the world trip. Living in the outskirts of London all my life and working in Piccadilly Circus, an area renowned for being one of the busiest in Central London, I felt truly fed up and frustrated with where I was living.

My frustrations progressed and turned almost to hate. I was sick of the weather, the people, the life style, the attitude, everything! Naturally I carried this negativity with me when I was travelling, slagging off England, wishing I wasn't English and desperately searching for a new place to call home.

Looking back now I feel almost ashamed of how I acted towards a place which has seen me through nearly 23 good years of my life. I came home two months ago and finally made peace with my town, my city and my country. Instead of approaching things reluctantly and complaining about the aspects of London I didn't like, I embraced it and appreciated it for all its good points, much the same as I did when I was travelling. It sounds so simple doesn't it, but I'm not sure why I never did this before!

I've tried to cram in as much sight seeing and general touristy things that I can before I head off to Australia (5 days to go!) Sadly I haven't had my camera for much of the time, but here's a few of my favourite pictures from the past 8 weeks...
Snow in my deserted road

Ice skating with my friends at London's Winter Wonderland!

Obligatory cocktails in Camden

Showing my Midland 'bab's around London

Rekindling my love for street entertainers

Sure I'm always going to love travelling, exploring and living in new places, but now I won't be ashamed of where I'm from and I've had a really great time making the most of it knowing I'll be back one day. Once I've fulfilled all my many travelling ambitions first, of course!

For now.... Australia! And PACKING!!!


  1. It's always fun to explore your own city. And street entertainers are my favourite part of London.

    London will miss you!

  2. Haha, bab, I know lots of Londoners sick of London! I'm glad you had fun exploring. I know you're gonna miss the water and the animal kingdom in Harrods...


    Bhav x