Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A very varied first month in Australia

I hate that it's been so long since I last wrote, but a lot has happened over the past four weeks and I haven't felt ready to explain them all to anyone, let alone to publicize it all on my blog until now.

Although I didn't have any set plans when I got to Australia,I definitely didn't plan for what happened when I arrived here. After just seven days I had gone from being reunited with my boyfriend, visiting a blues festival, meeting awesome musicians and forming some great friendships, to being single, completely alone and wondering what on earth to do next in Melbourne!

A few horrible days and weeks followed, but thanks to good friends and a lot of positive thinking, I'm now doing my best to get right back into travelling solo mode, living for the moment and embracing everything that's being thrown my way.

I've since spent a week Wwoofing with a lovely family in the bush an our outside of Melbourne, living with a very kind (and generous!) new friend in the city, road tripping in a huge camper-van from Melbourne to Adelaide via the Great Ocean Road and tomorrow I'm off to earn my first Australian pay check!

As of tomorrow I'll be feeding, cleaning and riding horses in a town about half an hour out of Adelaide. I'm pretty excited/ nervous about it but I wanted something different and to learn new skills whilst distracting myself away from all things rubbish, so I reckon this will do the trick!
Here's hoping the farm will have some internet access (likely?!) so I can get back on the blogging scene :)

Love and sunshine from Adelaide! xx
P.S Pictures to follow of the Great Ocean Road and Melbourne once I find a stronger WiFi connection!


  1. Nikki, your so independent now! Couldn't imagine you looking after horses at uni! Need catch up drinks when your back babes! I have a new job now working for a Fashion recruitment company. xXx

  2. God Nicola, what a rollercoaster! You will get back into the exploring on your own thing again in no time, hope the job is going well, miss you horn dawwg! xxxxx

  3. Hope you're staying positive and enjoying Adelaide if you're still here! Let me know if you'd like to catch up xx

  4. sounds like a really fun time and like you are doing a good job being independent! can't wait to see pictures! :)