Friday, 31 May 2013

Italy travel planning

After many months of complaining, nagging, and fantasising about being back in the sun, I've finally settled on somewhere to go.

And in less than three weeks, woohoo! Italy here I come.

I've been obsessed with Italy for years. Pretty much ever since I got over my obsession with France. (I will never be able to speak fluent French and follow my dreams of being Amelie... sobs)
I love the people, the language, the culture, the weather, and of course most importantly, THE FOOD!

I visited Venice on a short break in January this year and I've been pretty hell bent on wanting to return ever since, particularly in the summer.

Obviously, as a travel enthusiast and backpacking geek, I knew I wouldn't be happy with sitting still every day on the beach with a package holiday, so I've created my own little travellation* itinerary! (*Travelling vacation... See what I did there? Simply genius)

The plan is as follows:

1.) Return flight to Rome £110. This is the cheapest location for a return flight from Stansted, the closest airport to my house. Thanks to Skyscanner.
2.) 2-3 nights in Rome, explore everything on foot, see all the ancient ruins, do a night tour, copious red wine, cosy b&b etc. (I'm borrowing a friend's guide book, so there'll be lots to tick off here)
3.) Catch the bus down to Naples from Rome Termini station- Only €16 return

The Colosseum at night time 
4.) Spend a day in Naples taking in the sights, eating pizza until I burst, and deciding whether to stay a night here. I've heard from Italians themselves it can feel quite dangerous at night times and in some inner city areas, but to be honest I've had my fair share of scary experiences alone in Morocco and Vietnam, so it can't be too bad!
5.) Then, take the train from Naples to the gorgeous town of Sorrento which I've been so desperate to go to ever since reading Anna's blog and seeing all her gorgeous holiday and wedding photos!
Sorrento and Amalfi coast
6.) Spend 5/6 nights at the popular Seven hostel on the coast very close by to Sorrento and within walking distance to the beach. I've been reading up about where to stay for quite a while and, although this hotel and hostel doesn't have a swimming pool (first world problems) it does seem like a great place to relax, meet other people, be surrounded by beautiful scenery, and make all the regular excusions we're hoping to take. I.e Pompeii, Capri, a boat trip around the islands, snorkelling, MORE FOOD, etc etc.

Tiramisu *drools*

7.) Train back to Rome. More sobbing. Fly home. Drown sorrows in BA free alcohol.
8.) Sleep, refresh, bore you all with holiday photos and blog posts :)

What do you think of my Travellation itinerary? Do you have any tips or recommendations for what else I should do or see whilst out there? If so please share in the comments below!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The end of an era

I am genuinely devastated right now!

I just sold my beloved Yamaha electric piano on ebay after TEN YEARS. Arguably my longest commitment ever.

I got it for my 15th birthday from my mum and dad (cheers, but you're not keeping the money) when I decided I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my teen idol, Delta Goodrem. Cue cringes.

So, I taught myself to play the piano and sing along with it, much to the dread of my neighbours most evenings whilst belting out 'Born to Try'.

It has served me well, I've played and written many songs on it, but the time has sadly come for a random man off of eBay to come along, throw some cash at me and run off with it, probably never to love it as much as I have.

Not that I'm bitter or anything!

Anyway, I'm downsizing and making my home studio more tech compatible (yawn) and portable for when I MOVE HOUSE (cue next blog post) and also I needed the money for my forthcoming HOLIDAY (cue another next blog post).

You see where I'm going with this.

NB: If you were wondering, the Delta phase is well and truly over.
....I blame McFadden for everything.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Two years later...

I'm blogging again!

I started this blog in 2010 as a travel writing project, and to keep people in the loop as to my whereabouts when I went on a solo trip round the world from 2010-11. 

Obviously (sadly) I couldn't keep on travelling forever so I no longer had much to write about.

Since then my desire for new experiences and my reckless spontaneous decision making has distracted me from blogging and thrown me into a host of adventures, including being the lead singer of an indie/alternative band, co-writing and recording an album, tasting food for a living (winner), body doubling for celebrities and small children(!), touring the UK with a lot of sweaty, smelly men, and working a whole host of random events.

So anyway, I try a lot of things. I'm a hobby collector. I love to keep busy and I change my mind a lot. But it'll all make for a good read one day... 

The few things I'm passionate about will always remain the same: Writing, music, travel, living life to the full, and love. This blog is my online journey as I attempt to navigate my way through all of these things, sharing my ups, downs and standard cheesy instagram photos along the way.

Please read, keep an open mind, share and enjoy!