Monday, 20 May 2013

Two years later...

I'm blogging again!

I started this blog in 2010 as a travel writing project, and to keep people in the loop as to my whereabouts when I went on a solo trip round the world from 2010-11. 

Obviously (sadly) I couldn't keep on travelling forever so I no longer had much to write about.

Since then my desire for new experiences and my reckless spontaneous decision making has distracted me from blogging and thrown me into a host of adventures, including being the lead singer of an indie/alternative band, co-writing and recording an album, tasting food for a living (winner), body doubling for celebrities and small children(!), touring the UK with a lot of sweaty, smelly men, and working a whole host of random events.

So anyway, I try a lot of things. I'm a hobby collector. I love to keep busy and I change my mind a lot. But it'll all make for a good read one day... 

The few things I'm passionate about will always remain the same: Writing, music, travel, living life to the full, and love. This blog is my online journey as I attempt to navigate my way through all of these things, sharing my ups, downs and standard cheesy instagram photos along the way.

Please read, keep an open mind, share and enjoy!