Friday, 28 June 2013

Back to reality- Italy post

Eight glorious sun filled days and over indulgent feast filled nights later, I'm home and suffering from the inevitable holiday blues once again.

I had such a wonderful time exploring one of my all time favourite countries and cramming as much in as possible in the short time we had.

I love a good travel plan, so my boyfriend left me do all the planning and it worked out pretty well despite a few minor stressful bus/train/boat transfers and winding up in a town with NO ATM FOR 2 MILES. What year is this?! Anyhow, here's a few highlights...

We stayed at the lovely, fairly basic but very hospitable B&B Stella Di Roma right in the heart of the centre, which gave us a great feel for the city and made us feel like cool (fake) Italian locals. Transport around Rome is so easy, you can walk around most of it with a map, or there are two main metro lines to take you round the sights if you've exhausted yourself from walking. Or, in my case, eating. 

Plenty of statues for recreating...
The Colosseum  
Carbonara. Had to be done!

I'm so glad we made the decision to hop on a train to Naples and catch a boat down to the island of Ischia. What a beautiful place! We knew nothing about it prior to going, but we knew we didn't want to stay in the city for too long and wherever we were going it had to be by the sea. I love the seeeeaaaa! It turns out Ischia (pronounced 'Iskeeyah) is pretty much where all the sun loving Italian's take their holidays. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit we didn't explore any further than our sleepy seaside town area of Ischia Port, but it was all we needed! Delicious restaurants, boutiques, our hotel with a pool and HOT TUBS and of course, the seeeeaa for relaxing and tanning. We stayed at Pagoda hotel which we were very happy with and hope to visit again one day. 

Approaching the port  
The main reason for choosing this hotel!

I was so sad to leave Ischia that admittedly I wasn't too impressed with Sorrento at first. I expected big things and although it is truly stunning it was just far too touristy after our relaxing few nights on the island. Still, we had a very friendly B&B right in the centre of town who told us all the best places to go, things to do and places to eat. We had gelato EVERY day at this insane gelateria which had just about every flavour imaginable. (Melon or lemon on a healthy day, Kinder maxi or chocolate on a pig day for me!) We rented a car and drove round the beautiful Amalfi coast, visited Pompei and Positano, attempted to visit Capri on a boat but it got cancelled (boo!) lounged by the sea and ate so much sea food and pasta I can now no longer fit into some of my jeans. But it was all very much worth it. A wonderful holiday/travellation indeed :-) 
Sorrento port and main beach
Hiking up Positano and finding beautiful lemon trees

Seafood linguine at Giginos restaurant. So delicious!
Can I just live here?!
I hope you liked my photos! If you're planning a similar trip and need more info on where to stay, transportation or where to go etc, please do send me an email and I'd love to help you plan away! (nicolajackson4 @


  1. This trip sounds amazing! Love Italy so much. You should visit Florence if you go again as that is my favourite city- also Cinque Terre looks beautiful- my sister went and the photos were amazing- it hasn't been hit by the tourist bug either. X

    1. Thanks Daisy! I would love to visit Florence, really wish we went this time but still, means we'll just have to go again! :-D xx

  2. So lucky!!!!!
    I am going there soon... any places you recommend? Any sightseeing adventures? Any restaurants or cafes? Email is hope to hear back from you or anyone really, I don't know much about Italy.