Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Perfect American pancakes

As a thank you for playing nurse to my poor man-flu ridden boyfriend all last week, he surprised me to some amazingly naughty but nice American pancakes for breakfast at the weekend. Topped with lashings of maple syrup and fruit as a side, it wasn't a bad way to wake up on a rainy Sunday!

Clearly he knows the way to my heart well ;-)

Check out the recipe here, courtesy of Jamie if you're interested! 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hashtag heatwave

Guys, we need to clear something up here,


The next time I hear somebody complaining about this heat, I want to have them banished to a lifetime of miserable, grey, cold winters. Send them to Scotland or something.

(Sorry Scottish readers)

But this sun and heat is incredible. It makes almost everyone so much happier and friendlier and just generally makes London a much lovelier place to be.

If we could just have every Summer like this and have it last for more than five days at a time, then I would probably/maybe/maybe not consider stopping moaning about how much I want to leave England all of the time.

Anyway, because I am clearly not capable of writing anything of readable worth today, here's some photos of recent London sun adventures.

Long may it last!

Getting ready to take on Andy Murray at the #hitthewinner competition
Pedalo's in Regent's Park with the wife
Clearly the picnic was so good she didn't realise I was steering us right into a tree...

Hiring a hot tub is the way forward!
Pimms, naturally
Tree monkey
One of many, many bbq's

Is anybody not loving this weather? Find me. We need to talk ;-)

Monday, 15 July 2013

I'm out of work and I want to cry

Looking for work sucks. Whether you've been made redundant, you're fresh out of Uni, or you're just between jobs and looking for a change, we've all been there!
It's a lonely time and frankly, whether you liked your job or not, searching for a new one is probably more boring than the lot of them put together.

It can feel even harder if you're not entirely sure which direction you want to take. But don't stress, this post is about finding a way to use this to your advantage. After all this is probably the most time you're going to have on your hands for a while, so make the most of it!

Call me Mrs Motivator! (Or not..) Here's some tips and suggestions from survival methods I've picked up over time:

Self evaluate
Write a list of all the things you've ever wanted to do in your life. Footballer? Actress? Lawyer? Hey, I'm not dissing your ambitions, this could be anything. When you're working 40+ hours a week it's so easy to forget you once had a life outside of work, so get some perspective, look at what it is you want to be doing and where you want to be; set yourself goals and work towards them, however ridiculous they may seem at the time.
And, if you really don't have a clue, check out this ingeniously fun website for endless hours of inspiration!

Learn a new skill
I'm such a skill hoarder. I love learning new things but my downfall is sticking to them. Still, being out of work is a great way to teach yourself something you've always wanted to do but never had the time to. Learn another language, teach yourself guitar, get acting lessons, or start cooking crazy recipes! Aside from being great brain trainers when you feel like you're loosing your mind on job sites, learning new skills also adds more depth to your character and makes you far more interesting when you do finally get that those job interviews rolling in.

Bit of a controversial one here, but I've heard it work for a lot of people. Some say it's a waste of time you should be spending looking for a 'proper job', but temping for me is great because you're constantly learning and adapting to new environments. You meet new people, pick up (even) more skills, you get paid a fairly decent wage, and if you impress them enough you might even get a job at the end of it. Win win!

Put yourself out there
So many people put their successes down to being in the right place at the right time. It's much easier to dazzle potential employers with your charm and wit when you're actually in the same room as them, as opposed to sat in your dressing gown at home typing out pages upon pages of desperate sounding covering letters. You need to stand out from the crowd, and the best way to do that is to network and really get yourself out there. Go to meetups, public speaking events, networking socials, gatecrash a party if you have to! (No, don't do that. But you catch my drift). Always carry personal business cards with you, always be friendly and enthusiastic, and always be as interested (and interesting) as possible. In time you're sure to meet someone who knows someone, who works for someone, who runs a company, who's eagerly awaiting for someone just like you!

Go self employed
More and more people these days are ditching the 9-5 and deciding to be their own bosses.
It has it's drawbacks of course, no pension, no paid holidays, less stability, and the dreaded self assessment tax return once a year. But once you've gotten past that, being your own boss means you can choose your hours, choose exactly where you want to work, how you want to progress with your own career, and basically only have to answer to yourself, your contractor at the time and, occasionally, HMRC (*shudders*) Don't expect instant results or an easy ride, but the flexibility, longterm job satisfaction and pride in your accomplishments will all be worth it in the end.
You can find more info for registering as self employed here and here.


Easier said than done believe me, I know. Being out of work can feel so depressing and make you feel worthless if you let it get to you, but it's important to keep focused, be positive and continuously take inspiration from all the wonderful things around you. It's so easy to slip into depression when you feel like everyone else around you belongs somewhere and you're never going to have money or a sense of belonging ever again but you will. The universe isn't that cruel.

I want to go back and slap my sad, cereal eating (why always with the cereal?!) unemployed self round the face and say pull yourself together! Because the more you start seeing what you CAN do, as opposed to what you feel you constantly keep getting knocked back for, then you can start to rebuild yourself again. Find what works for you and make it happen. Keep yourself busy, allow yourself to be inspired and please remind yourself- It won't be this way forever!

I'm going to set up an 'Inspiration' tab on this blog soon enough, so hopefully I can pull together all of the things that have helped me along the way so far and share them with you too!

I hope these have helped a little. Share your stories and your advice below!

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

My blogs on ReadWave!

A few days ago I received an email about a blog post I wrote back in 2011 when I had just returned from my first solo backpacking adventure and was already preparing for the next one.

It was called The Five People You Meet in Hostels. It's been getting a hell of a lot of spam recently, I don't know why, it's pretty annoying, but anyway, I digress. The email was from a very complimentary chap called Robert Tucker, who is the community manager of a site called ReadWave, a lovely little part of the internet where people can exchange their own short stories, articles and poems in a friendly, well moderated community.

Rob told me that the site was looking to expand further by adding a travel category and encouraging writers to share personal travel accounts as well as just fictional short stories.

He suggested I add some of my travel blogs on there as well as new material and I'm glad I did! It has been selected as one of the top pics and is now featured on the homepage where I've had some lovely comments already, and none of them spam ;-)

ReadWave home page and my blog post!

I've set up my profile on ReadWave here, and I urge any other writer/reader friends to check it out, I'm sure you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The best burger in London

This is a bit of a bold claim, but I'm pretty sure I've now tasted the best burger in London. And I eat a lot of burgers!

Haché prides itself on being a family run restaurant whose purpose is to 'produce the best and most innovative burgers to be found anywhere', all made from 100% prime Scottish beef steak. 

When I heard about this restaurant from a friend (who couldn't remember the name) I just assumed they must've been talking about The Diner in Covent Garden, as so far their 'Arch burger' with all it's pulled pork juicy goodness was way up their as one of the best in town in my books anyway.

Still, after some quick research and strolling around the streets of Camden, I found Haché, tucked seemingly discreetly down Inverness Street just off the high street. Haché also has branches in Chelsea, Shoreditch and Clapham.

The Camden branch was still busy on a Saturday night, close to 10pm. There was a lovely laid back vibe with fairy lights (of the sophisticated kind) canoodling couples sharing generous portions of desserts and various groups of people tucking into crazy sized burgers and sides. It was sophisticated, but not too showy.

The menu was extensive, filled with imaginatively crafted burger ideas, sides, steaks, salads and veggie options. I opted for the good old Canadian (Smoked bacon and cheese) on a ciabatta bun with a side salad. My boyfriend ordered the Steak Louisiana which had crunchy peanut butter and cheese on a ciabatta bun with coleslaw and sweet potato fries. 

Everything was delicious! The meat was cooked to perfection (medium-rare) and it was the juiciest  sweetest, saltiest, bloodiest beef I've ever had in a burger. The serving size was huge so I couldn't eat all  of the tasty bread, but I chowed down on my side salad and shared the mouthwatering sweet potato fries and creamy 'slaw evenly(ish). 
We didn't have dessert as we were way too stuffed, but both agreed it was the best burger selection, nicest restaurant and tastiest beef we'd had so far between two pieces of bread! 

I liked it so much I revisited again a week later with my girlfriends to try out the Clapham branch. The girls are both veggies, but thankfully the veggie selection is just as good and we all left feeling very stuffed and satisfied. 
The Goat's Cheese burger with avocado, portobello mushroom, aubergine and red pesto. 10/10!
I'm now on the hunt to try and match this place. If you think there's any restaurants or pop ups that can measure up to the challenge, please do let me know and I will put my burger eating skills to the test and write about it on here if it meets the grade!