Sunday, 11 August 2013

Birthday celebrations

My mammoth week long birthday celebrations are finally over. I've had such a perfect time celebrating with nearly all of my favourite people and I've been so spoiled by everyone. I'm feeling incredibly grateful and happy with my life and all of the people in it right now. You guuuuuys!

The celebrations kicked off the night before my birthday with an incredible cake tower made out of CHEESE (A savoury cheesecake if you will) on a heart shaped slate cheeseboard. The perfect accessory for any cheese lover, from my equally cheese fiendish boyfriend.

The next day I opened lots more lovely presents and headed off to Woburn safari park, because you're never too old to want to see/stroke/steal animals. NEVER! I spent a good 40 mins trying to coax a monkey on to the roof of my old Clio, but they were far more interested  in the fancy cars and big people carriers. My boyfriend took so many amazing pictures with his fancy zoom lens, but they probably won't be uploaded for another ten years or so, lost in the realm with all our stunning Italy pics! (Boys! :-P)

We had a lovely day mooching and picnicking with my awesome new hamper before heading over to spend the evening with my family eating delicious Mediterranean food and laughing at the fail 'finger cake' my mum lovingly baked for me. (Sorry mum!)

(Carrot cake)
The bike of my dreams!
The next day I got to see my two best friends, eat burgers at my favourite burger place, pop some prosecco and open yet more gifts! The girls got me tickets to go to the Dirty Dancing future cinema night all together, so I am naturally peeing my pants with excitement already. Roll on the 30th!

The main celebration was on Friday night where I'd booked a booth at the Renaissance rooms in Vauxhaull for the famous London Roller Disco. 
Oh my god. I knew it would be a good night but it was even funnier than expected! Just imagine the cheesiest, most retro nightclub ever, then imagine it mildly drunk, then with all of your best fiends, then imagine it ON WHEELS! Pink light up ones in fact for me!
It was non stop hilarity from start to finish. The staff were fun and friendly (which I wasn't expecting after reading so many reviews on line), the venue was big enough to skate without being crushed, the stewards who pick you up and try not to laugh at you when you heroically fall down (a lot) and the free champagne all made for a really great night!
Also- going to the toilet in roller skates is REALLY HARD! Here's a few pics of the night before I was unable to even hold let alone use my phone...

The rest of the weekend has been spent recovering, hanging around at home (literally) and having a very quaint and girly Pintrest inspired picnic in Hampstead. Perfection!

Now I'm ready to hide myself away again and have no more celebrating for a while. Getting too old for this :-p 


  1. Awh Nicola! Glad you had a good week of celebrations! Your last picture reminds me of Fiji! xx

    1. Thank you Sally! It is a little Fiji esque isn't it! All from my back garden! :D x

  2. Oh my - a cake of cheese - come to mamma! That just sounds like heaven right there! Glad you had a lovely birthday :) And that bike, beautiful indeed! XX

    1. Thank you loves. Cheese cakes are the future!! x