Thursday, 1 August 2013

July summary


That means one week 'til my birthday woohoo- Roll on quarter life crisis!

I thought I'd start doing a month's summary in pictures, so here goes:

From left to right: 
1. Shooting an advert on David Hasslehoff's balcony in London overlooking the Thames
2. Getting very excited for my Birthday roller disco. Free entry and flashing skates?!
3. A hilariously drunken girly night out with my best friends and a lot of rowdy 50 year olds (family friends)
4. Weekly dinner dates with these two sexy ladies
5. DIET? What diet? 
6. The one where I couldn't stop buying shoes. (3 pairs in a day to be exact)
7. My brothers birthday, talking his pug pup to the pub and him terrorising the locals for attention
8. The aftermath of a very messy food fight for another TV job. I was playing a waitress.
9. My wonderful grandma (Big G) and the gorgeous Harvey two-face

That's my July summary. Where's yours? ;-)