Thursday, 8 August 2013

New age, new job

I'm afraid this is another 'Me' post, but after such an eventful two weeks I couldn't help but write about what's been going on.

Yesterday was my birthday, woohoo! A quarter of a century old, but very happy about it. Plus, some very exciting news to reveal!

After my week from hell last week, I can't tell you how good it feels to finally not be in pain and to be able to drink, celebrate and be merry with my special ones.

Anyone who follows me on my Twitter would no doubt have heard me moaning about my infected wisdom tooth, my body's bad reaction to antibiotics, and then the final yanking out of said tooth. It was pretty grim and I was a sleep deprived, starved, emotional wreck by the end of it.

Beast of a tooth!
Still, a week later and I'm happy to announce that, in the midst of all the mayhem, I managed to bag myself a new job!

I'm going to be re-entering the world of full time work after an intense- yet- incredible three years freelancing, adventuring and exploring, so I'm a little nervous but very excited to get started.

I'll be joining the well-known team at CloudNine as a specialist social media and digital recruiter, working alongside social media recruitment 'guru' (we love that word) Steve Ward, and one of my fellow class of 2009 Journalism graduates and fellow blogger, Holly, the original (and best) Yummy Mummy! So yes, feeling very lucky indeed! I will have a lot to learn and it will be a slow start, but I'm keen to give it everything I've got and, hopefully, still find the time to blog, sing, song write and indulge in all my other random hobbies along the way...

The first thing on my list to purchase ;) 
I have definitely rambled on too long to include my birthday summary in this post now as well, so it'll have to be scheduled for the next one.

Stay tuned for monkeys, mountains of cheese, birthday treats and CAKE, so much cake!

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