Sunday, 29 June 2014

Travelling in Croatia

Oh hello old blog friend!

I'm breaking my blogging hiatus (again) by raving about wonderful, wonderful Croatia!
The boyfriend and I just returned from ten days travelling around somewhere neither of us had ever been, nor heard much about.
Instead of telling you all about our trip (which was awesome by the way, can you tell?) I thought I'd write about ... drum roll....

Top five reasons why you should BUY A FLIGHT TO CROATIA. RIGHT NOW!

£120 for a return flight to Split with Norwegian airlines (hello free WiFi!). Baggage included. Why aren't you on Skyscanner already?

Croatia feels like about five different countries in one easily drivable journey. You can go from snow capped mountains in the north, through the border of Bosnia, into lush lavender fields, down the windy roads on the coast that bare a striking resemblance to the Amalfi coast, mooch around old towns near Zagreb that haven't changed since the war, and then of course there's the islands. THE ISLANDS!
Transport is really affordable and easy to hire out there too.

The view from our brilliant B&B House Mara in Korenica, aka the sticks. Bliss! 
Stari Grad (Old Town) in Hvar
All of the waterfalls! Plitvitce is an obvious must, but nobody should forget about Krka either. We did it in just a couple of hours between driving from Dubrovnik to Korenica. You can swim at Krka too if it's warm enough.

Plitvitce after a 2 hour hike to the top
Some parts of the big waterfall at Plitvitce were flooded due to bad weather. There were no warnings though, just these little ladders that say 'cross at your peril. You may die'. AWESOME! 
The cleanest waters in the Adriatic. Croatia may not have the best beaches- and there's certainly a shortage of sand- but what it does have is the most crystal clear, fish filled waters I've seen since SE Asia! We saw tons of different fish (without even needing goggles) and even saw a sting ray and DOLPHINS!
We found a deserted (rare) sandy beach on the South of Hvar. Look at the mountains in the background!
Perfect temperature and frequency of tourists in low season (Spring and Autumn). If, like me, you prefer peace and quiet to hoards of tourists and rowdy backpackers, low season is definitely the time to visit Croatia. A lot of the locals told us we had come at the right time as from July-September it can actually become unbearably busy, plus significantly more expensive and, I'd imagine, a less pleasant experience over all.
If you're worried about the weather- don't be. There's tons to explore regardless of the conditions and Spring and Autumn temperatures are definitely fine enough to sunbathe and enjoy all of the activities. Although swimming in the 16ÂșC sea is a definite test of bravery!

A well earned break from Kayaking at Milna beach with Hvar Adventure. This would be rammed for of holidaymakers in high season!
This was very difficult to limit to a mere five, so I feel I should let you know my list of potential contenders also included: Friendly, out-of-their-way helpful staff; clean and well stocked public loos; the most delicious sea food; the expansive greenery and stacks of options for 'outdoorsy people';  and THE CAKES!

Have you had a similar experience in Croatia? What would you add or takeaway? 

NB: This is by no means a sponsored post. Though I have done so much promoting for the Croatian tourism board after this trip I feel as though I should be working for them!

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  1. Love your pictures! I was in Croatia about 10 years ago - you make me want to go back :) xx