Monday, 19 January 2015

Oxfam Trailwalker and other challenges

As I mentioned in my previous post, this year (and forever onwards really) I want to make sure I'm really pushing myself to make the most out of life and myself whilst I'm around on this here planet earth.

I stumbled across Challenge Sophie a few weeks back and I was so inspired by her hunger and determination for adventure and endurance. The things she gets up to and writes about on her blog just blow my mind. If I ever met her I would probably definitely bow down in admiration of everything she's done so far.

'Later that night I got to thinking' (Carrie Bradshaw voice), how am I going to get my puny body up to scratch and set myself some cool challenges? Negative thoughts about living in London and not out in the wilderness aside, I forced myself to be practical and have a think about things that I enjoyed and wouldn't make me scream 'I HATE MYSELF' after the first 30 mins.

I spent a few days researching 10k runs as well as watching all of the promo videos for Tough Mudder 2015 (which looks INSANE by the way). Then, just as I thought I'd made up my mind, Ben introduced to the Oxfam Trailwalker challenge. 100km hiking across the South Downs in under 30 hours, day and night, non stop walking. 'I can do that', I thought. How hard can it be? I love walking! Then I went on to read all the information and do some proper research and realised it's pretty bloody intense. Plus, the two friends we're considering doing it with - as you have to be in a team of four in case one of you keels over or something - want to complete it around 20 hours. No pressure guys!
So, this soon became our first big challenge of the year to focus on.

We headed out for our first practice hike just to see if we'd made a terrible decision or not. Turns out I love hiking! We walked 19.08km from High Barnet all the way back to our house in Tufnell Park in just under four hours, following the Dollis Valley Greenwalk we found via this website.

We kept our pace fairly easy for the first one with no stops for food just lots of grazing. (Mmm beef biltong and dried mango). The walks along the river and through the woods were great but there weren't many hills for me to really test out my new boots and new found yoga strength(!) I think it helped that I'm currently reading Wild, so I basically pretended I was Cheryl Strayed walking the PCT for a day and I had a great time! (By the way if you haven't picked up the book yet and you're into travelling at all, BUY IT NOW!)
The day after I was fine, just a tiny sign of a blister on my little toes. The same can't be said for old man Ben though, as he's still rubbing deep heat into his shins and complaining about the pain!

The Oxfam Trailwalk will take place on the 25th and 26th July this year, so hopefully we'll have lots of practice walks as a team to report on before then and we will need lots of sponsorship help too, but more on that in due course.

What are your challenges for 2015? Do you want to join us for the Trailwalk?

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  1. Good luck with Trailwalker - be sure to join Trailwalker UK on facebook to link up with other teams!