Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Canada eh!

This post is epically late, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen!

Life has been pretty all over the place lately - more on that in another post. For now, here's a few observations from our awesome two weeks around British Columbia, Canada.

1. Whistler mountains are 1000 X SCARIER THAN EUROPEAN ONES! If you're a 'real' skier or snowboarder instead of an amateur like me, you'd probably pee your pants with excitement with the prospect of hurling yourself down either Whistler or Blackcomb mountain. For me though, who only ski'd(?) once on a school trip to Austria 10 years ago, I was peeing my pants with sheer fear.
Still, after day one and two of intense pain, concentration and mouthfuls of snow, I really began to settle in and have loads of fun on all the many crazy blue and green runs they had to offer.
We also got to zipline down a mountain one of the days with SuperFly Ziplines, and even though I was initially terrified, it was such a brilliant (and very easy) experience I would definitely recommend for all ages!


I hired my skis from the super helpful, lovely guys at Affinity Sports in Whistler centre and loved them. They were really affordable too, I think £75 or so for 5 days hire. Shame I can't say the same for the EXTORTIONATE lift pass! ;) Affinity also had an offer on that enabled us to 2 for 1 at SuperFly which again just made us love them more.

2. Canadian weather is possibly even rainier than the UK.
We got wet. A lot. If you're looking to hike and sightsee and do super fun water sports, don't come in Jan/Feb. Or, if you do, invest in some good Goretex gear! It was perfect for snow sports, but not ideal for all our walks.
Vancouver looking a little gloomy!
3. Canadians are just as friendly as people say. Maybe even more friendly. We got a free upgrade at our incredible farm location on Vancouver island, we got free sake from some friendly people next to us at a Japanese restaurant we got chatting to, free entry tickets to local attractions, and just brilliant, smiley service everywhere we went. (And then we came back to London. SIGH).
Our B&B on Vancouver island came with a complimentary fat cat! 
4. Ignore the people who say go to Victoria on Vancouver island because it's 'so quaint and British and there's lots of lovely tearooms'. I'm sorry, but there are tons of incredible places on the island to explore (Tofino, Goldstream park, erm, other stuff) Victoria was just incredibly small and underwhelming for visitors. A cool place to live perhaps, but not for visiting for more than an afternoon. We did enjoy the museum though!

5. Ceasers are delicious, as is Maple syrup. And Tim Hortons. And sushi. ALL THE FOOD IN CANADA IS DELICIOUS. Canada is basically just brilliant and you should all go.

Side note - if you wanted to copy our itinerary because, well why wouldn't you, it rocked! Just drop me a message and I can wax lyrical about all the brilliant places we stayed in in Vancouver, Malahat on Vancouver Island and Whistler. You're welcome! ;) 

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