Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Learning to find my balance

 I have never been a very consistent person. I’ve always swung from extremes, either utterly obsessed or totally uninterested in something. This has an effect on my moods too, so I tend to either be very energetic and full of good ideas, or totally down in the dumps and avoiding all human interaction. Cats are always welcome, of course!

So lately I’ve really been working on trying to find my balance. Trying to establish that pesky middle ground, see how it feels and keep myself there.
I’ve been really into Yoga since starting up the 30-day challenge in January, and I’ve pretty much been attempting it every day since then. (See my former comment about obsessions!)
I really hope this one lasts though, because out of everything it helps me to feel the most grounded, most peaceful and, coincidentally, the most balanced.

In homage to my inability to find this happy, calm medium; I have been focusing on headstands and handstands. Somehow my logic tells me if I can balance my body well, then in time I can balance my mind too.

Coming from somebody with little to no upper body strength, this has definitely been a challenge! But I am really enjoying the journey. Who knew it could be so calming being upside down?!

Yesterday something brilliant happened. I floated myself up effortlessly into a stable headstand and held myself there for a good 30 seconds, breathing mindfully and smiling as I realised what I had achieved. So today I thought I’d give it another go and try and get some progress shots in too so I can keep tabs on my home practice. Hey presto! Another successful headstand! I’m sure they won’t always come this easily, but for now I’m enjoying pushing myself and feeling the rewarding affects of my dedicated practice.

Maybe soon I’ll crack this whole balancing thing after all ;-)

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