Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Significant things that happened this year...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I haven't really been present for a lot of this year so far. I'm having to rely on pictures and conversations with friends to really jumpstart my hazy memory.
But so many things have happened without me really realising it.

  • I went to Canada. OH YEAH. Derp. It was ace and I really want to ski again because it feels pretty freaking awesome.
  • I became a Yogi. My friend said to me, "It's funny, you never really ask somebody if they do Yoga, but they always find a way of telling you they do"! That cracked me up. It's so true. No I don't drink green smoothies, I still eat meat (and everything in sight), I don't pay for extortionate yoga classes; but I do practice most days at home on my mat thanks to the fantastic females Bad Yogi and Yoga With Adriene
  • I worked on lots of fun TV shows, films and adverts. I've been a registered 'support artiste' (extra) for a while now so I finally get offered the good stuff and have a lot of juicy stories to tell that I have to keep my mouth shut about until they all come out. *Zips mouth*
  •  I had my heart broken. Yikes. It was awful. We were coming up to three years, I thought we'd be together forever, I thought that was it. NOPE! Life has a funny way of showing you what's not to be via a big fat smack in the face sometimes. But I survived. I will move on and I will heal, in time.
  • I hiked a goddamn mighty 100km in 28 hours for Oxfam. It was amazing/painful/never ending/impossibly hard but I would do it all again in a heartbeat. And we raised over £2000, so yey!

Bloody did it!
Getting to hug my best friends at the end

  • I moved out and found my own house (shared, obvs, this is London) in a new area. Me and the naughty kitty have finally settled in to our smaller home and we love our new housemates. Hurrah!
  • I threw a pretty epic Hen weekend away for my best friend. There was a pool. There was a seaside view. There were seven excitable females, a LOT of indulgent food aaaand of course some penis paraphernalia and hilarious hen games thrown in too.

Bundle on the bride!

  • I decided to write an album. Because, breakup material! So many sad songs. All of the feels. It'll be out in 2045 ;-)


  • My best friend got MARRIED! And I was maid of honour along with our other best friend, 'Sinead of  honour'. It was one of the happiest days of our lives and I almost exploded with love and joy for all the brilliant people that were together in one place. Now we're wondering what on earth we'll all talk about after that!

Well that's me for now. Here's to a great Autumn and Winter next I hope! 

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