Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Blog revival and mini update

It's been nearly two years since I last wrote a blog post. So, seeing as the kind folks who host my web address took out another two years of money from me in advance (without asking, thanks guys), I took it as a sign that LE BLOG LIVETH ON! For now anyway. We'll see how that goes...
A few major things to note since last time, mainly being that:

1. I made the rather bold decision to stop plodding my way through life and find a rewarding career and lifestyle that suits me best. I'm training to become an occupational therapist (OT) It's brilliant, it's hard work but it's totally worth it. I have completed one year now and I have two more to go. I already know I want to work within mental health, but I'm enjoying learning about all aspects of us interesting human folk and the world of OT in the process. More on this being a mature student business in a post still to come. 

2. I got one of those boyfriend things! I spent a fair while being single, learning to love myself and all of those classic cliches. It was a valuable and much needed experience. Then I happened to find a rather brilliant, smart, funny, dashing Swiss chap that rivalled me in all of my weirdness, so I snapped him up sharpish and he's been locked in my basement ever since made him my boyfriend!

3. I received a proper mental health diagnosis. After years of anxiety and ups and downs and often feeling like I've totally lost my mind, I learned that I'm actually pretty 'normal'. Yes, I agree, WTF even is normal anyway? But I mean this in the sense of I was able to understand these things better and - most importantly- identify with people who have shared similar experiences and live through many of the same things. More on this to come in another post too. 

So all in all, a pretty positive two years full of personal growth, professional development and my favourite - getting shit done!
I have a bit over a month before year two at University starts again so I'm busy earning money and planning a little backpacking trip to MYANMAR/BURMA in three weeks time! CAN YOU TELL HOW EXCITED? So I'll be focusing on that next because it's been a long while since I was in Southeast Asia (7 years!) which means there's a lot to plan and prep for and still a lot to cover. Watch this space ;)

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