Little Lost started life as a solo female travel blog- documenting my weird and wonderful travels around the globe from 2010 to 2011. (Well now I feel old!)

Since then my desire for new experiences and my reckless spontaneous decision making has distracted me from travel blogging and thrown me into a host of adventures, including being the lead singer of an indie/alternative band, co-writing and recording an album, tasting food for a living (winner), body doubling in film and TV, touring the UK with my music, and working a whole host of random events. In my more 'professional' career, I've also worked in social media and digital communications as a copywriter, community manager and social media recruiter. I'm now retraining as an Occupational Therapist and although I am grateful for all of my weird and wonderful experiences and roles, I am so pleased I have finally found my dream career!

I didn't want to give up on Little Lost, but I knew I couldn't travel and blog about it forever, so these days my blog is a place for anything and everything that happens in my life I feel like sharing with you kind reader folk. 

Please read, keep an open mind, share and enjoy! I don't post regularly, but I try to make it worthwhile when I do :) 

If you want to get in touch, send me an email directly.

Thanks for reading!